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RTCA’S Lower School Student of the Month for May is fifth grader Braylin Pittman. Braylin is the daughter of Mitchell and Becky Pittman. She has two brothers, Tatem and Milo, who also attend RTCA. Braylin was selected by faculty because she is extremely conscientious about her grades. She is a gifted athlete and is also a trusted friend to everyone. Braylin’s favorite subject is social studies and her favorite color is blue. She enjoys playing basketball and softball. During her free time, she enjoys helping her family on the farm and hanging out with her friends. When Braylin grows up she wants to be a math, science, and social studies teacher.  RTCA congratulates fifth grader Braylin Pittman.

RTCA’s Middle School student of the Month for May is seventh grader Aubrey Jones. Aubrey is the daughter of David and Jennifer Jones. She has an older brother, Ryder, who is in the 8th grade at RTCA. Aubrey was chosen by faculty because she always follows directions and strives to work hard. She is a pleasure to have in the classroom. Aubrey participates in softball, basketball, and track at RTCA. She is a pitcher for the softball team and rotates between being a post and a wing during basketball games. For track, she throws the shotput and discus, runs the 400m dash and is part of the 4x100m relay team. She is a member of Beta Club and made the Yearly Honor Roll list this year.  RTCA congratulates 7th grader Aubrey Jones.

RTCA’s High School Student of the Month for May is sophomore Rachel Threlked. Rachel is the daughter of Craig and Tammi Threlkeld. Her sister, Samantha, is a RTCA alumni and is currently attending GCSU. Rachel was selected by faculty because she always has a smile on her face. She is kind, respectful, and gets along very well with her classmates. Rachel is involved and always puts in the work needed when it comes to her school work. Rachel is part of the Varsity Spirit Cheer, Competition Cheer, Basketball, and Track teams. She is also an active member in Leo Club, and her church’s youth group. Rachel enjoys going to the beach and hanging out with her friends and family. Rachel has attended RTCA since K3 and is looking forward to the next two years at RTCA.  Congratulations sophomore Rachel Threlkeld!



RTCA’s Lower School Student of the Month for April is second grader Tilly Baker. Tilly is the daughter of Daniel and Addy Baker. She has two sisters, Brynn who is in the first grade at RTCA, and Maryn. Tilly was selected by faculty because she is always prepared, attentive to lessons, and works hard on any assignment that is given. She doesn’t waste time when she completes her assignments, she will always take out a book and begin to read. She is always respectful and kind to everyone and is an excellent student. Tilly’s favorite subject is spelling and her favorite color is red. She enjoys playing softball and is currently on the All-Star Softball team for the Lyons Rec. Department. Tilly also enjoys playing the piano and singing. When she grows up, she wants to be a singer.  RTCA congratulates second grader Tilly Baker.

RTCA’s Middle School Student of the Month for April is sixth grader Banks Hopkins.  Banks is the son of Chris and Marilynn Hopkins.  He has one brother, Luke, who is in the second grade at RTCA. Banks was chosen by faculty for student of the month because he strives to do his best in the classroom. He’s very involved in athletics and he makes a conscious effort to make sure nothing slips through in the classroom. He is also a great leader and role model to his classmates. Banks’ favorite subject is Math.  He participates on the baseball, basketball, and shotgun teams at RTCA.  Banks has been playing travel baseball since age 7 and can be found on a ball field most weekends.  In his free time, he also enjoys playing basketball, bass fishing, riding 4-wheelers, hunting, and spending time at the lake.  RTCA congratulates sixth grader Banks Hopkins. 

RTCA's High School Student of the Month for April is freshman Maddie Joyner. Maddie is the daughter of Jeremy and Amber Joyner (1997 RTCA Alumni). Her sister, Anna Kate, is currently in the 5th grade at RTCA. Maddie was selected by faculty as student of the month because she is a kind hearted young lady. She is a quiet leader who can be found mingling in all social groups. Madalyn mentors younger students and encourages upperclassmen. She is the embodiment of a team player. In the classroom or through the various sports she participates in she often offers words of affirmation to those around her. Last but not least, her laugh is contagious and can brighten a room. It is a privilege to have her as a student in our school.  Maddie has participated in softball, basketball, track, and soccer. She is an honors student and a member of RTCA’s Leo and Beta clubs. During her free time, Maddie enjoys traveling and playing sports.  RTCA congratulates freshman, Maddie Joyner.



RTCA’s Lower School Student of the Month for March is first grader Knox Smith. Knox is the son of Justin and Kathryn Smith. He has an older sister, Emerson, who is in the third grade at RTCA, and a younger brother, Britton. Knox has a dog named Brix, a cat named Butter, and two goats named Oreo and Charlotte. Knox was selected as student of the month because he is an excellent student. He is always so polite and well-mannered. Knox always has his homework and tries his best to complete his schoolwork neatly and correctly. He is always so kind to his classmates. Knox loves his family more than anything and is being raised with fine Christian values. Knox’s favorite subject is PE and his favorite color is blue. He enjoys playing basketball, football, soccer, baseball, building leggos, and riding 4-wheelers. When Knox grows up, he wants to be a Plant Hatch worker.  RTCA congratulates first grader Knox Smith!

RTCA’s Middle School Student of the Month for March is sixth grader Brantley Black. Brantley is the son of Benji and Tiffany Black. He has a sister, Sydney, who is in K4 at RTCA. Brantley was selected by faculty because he stands out in the classroom for his good attitude and the concerns he has for his academic success. He’s a respectful young man who does not mind helping others. Brantley’s favorite subject is math. He participates in shotgun, football, basketball, baseball, and track at RTCA. During his free time, he enjoys playing sports, riding ATVs, hunting, and fishing.  RTCA congratulates sixth grader Brantley Black.

RTCA’s High School Student of the Month for March is Kate Kennedy. Kate is the daughter of Michael and Carrie Anne Kennedy. Her sister, Macy, is currently in the 9th Grade at RTCA. Kate was selected by faculty because she is a bright, kind-hearted young lady. She is diligent in her school work and willing to help others. She has the courage and desire to lead worship in music and song during chapel. She sets a great example to her younger peers. Kate is a member of the Crusader Spirit Band, One Act Play, Beta Club, National Honor Society, Literary, and serves as the SGA secretary. She is a member of the Tattnall County 4H Livestock Team and plays alto saxophone in the Brewton Parker College Concert Band. She also helps lead RTCA’s Chapel worship and helps with the music at her church. Kate has attended RTCA since pre-school.  RTCA congratulates junior, Kate Kennedy.

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