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OFFICE: (912) 537-9203
FAX: (912) 537-4477
WVOP: (912) 537-9202
WTCQ: (912) 538-9898
WYUM: (912) 538-1017

Vidalia Police Department reports the following arrests:

Hayes, Jeffery – Vidalia – Warrant Served (Toombs County).

Ward, Nathan – Vidalia – Possession of Marijuana; Possession of Drug-Related Objects.

Nichols, Rodney – Vidalia – No Insurance; Expired tag.

Powell, Kimberly – Ailey – Theft by Shoplifting.

Powell, Dylan – Ailey – Theft by Taking.

Flowers, Jonathan - DUI; Open Container; Suspended License; Habitual Violator.

Blaine, Donnie - Vidalia – Aggravated Assault.

Pittman, Amy - Lyons - Probation Warrant (Vidalia).

Mills, Timothy - Vidalia - Theft by Shoplifting.

Johnson, Michael - Soperton - Possession of Marijuana; Warrant Served (Vidalia).

Maclean, Amanda - Vidalia - Warrant Served (Toombs County).

Sanders, Tesha - Vidalia - Theft by Shoplifting.

Smith, Antoninette - Vidalia - Theft by Shoplifting; Possession of Marijuana; Possession of Methamphetamines.

Collins, Garielle - Vidalia - Possession of Methamphetamines; Possession of Marijuana.

Toombs County Sheriff’s Office reports the following arrests:

Alvarez Carrizales, Francisco – Baxley – Driving While Unlicensed.

Clark, Kobe – Lyons – Speeding; Driving While License Suspended or Revoked.

Collins, Michael, III – Collins – Giving False Name/Address/Date of Birth to Officer; Theft by Shoplifting; Obstructing Police Offense; Theft by Taking.

Hill, Candice – Vidalia – Safety Belts Required/Usage; DUI/Alcohol/Less Safe; Failure to Maintain Lane.

Hunnewell, Catherine – Lyons – Probation Violation (Misdemeanor).

Hunnewell, Charles – Homeless – Failure to Appear (Misdemeanor); Probation Violation (Felony).

Hutchison, Nolan – Tarrytown – Reckless Conduct; Public Drunkenness; Discharge of Firearms on or Near Public Highway; Discharge of Firearms While Under Influence of Alcohol, Certain Drugs, or Controlled Substances.

Love, Dylan – Vidalia – Probation Violation (Felony).

Nails, Lavoris – Vidalia – Criminal Trespass; Theft by Taking; Possession of Firearms by Convicted Felons or Probationers; Criminal Interference with Government Property; Aggravated Assault.

Nellis, Nikole – Belton, SC – DUI/Alcohol/Less Safe.

Paulk, Kenye – Baxley – Failure to Appear (Felony).

Renfroe, Lakeisha - Soperton - Forgery in the 1st Degree.

Smith, Ali – Jonesboro, GA - Probation Violation (Felony).

Venegas, Jesus – Lyons – Criminal Trespass.

Zamorano, Eric – Lyons – Speeding; DUI/Alcohol/Less Safe.

Lyons Police Department reports the following arrest:

Anderson, David Allen – Lyons – Warrant Service.

Reyes, Alma Delia – Lyons – Running At Large; Possession of Vicious Dog or Potentially Vicious Dog.

Mills, Demitrous T. – Lyons – Willful Obstruction of Police Officer (Severe/Forceful); Criminal Trespass.

Thigpen, Amanda Gail – Vidalia – Warrant Service.

Collins, Michael Berry – Lyons – Warrant Service; Shoplifting; Willful Obstruction of Police Officer (Severe/Forceful); Giving False Name/Address/Birthdate to a Law Enforcement Officer.

Montgomery County Sheriff’s Office reports the following arrests:

Jones, Phillip Lee C. – Vidalia – Felony Battery; Disorderly Conduct.

Berry, Daron Vernard, Jr. - Reidsville - Misdemeanor Probation Violation.

Rich, Jerry Matthew - Jesup - Felony Probation Violation.

Dye, Justin Kyle - Sylvania – Felony Probation Violation.

Candler County Sheriff’s Office reports the following arrests:

Patterson, Wiliam Daniel – Metter – Battery.

Anibal, Fernando Berdigo – Doraville, GA 0 Display of License Plates; Driving While Unlicensed; DUI/Less Safe; Open Container of Alcohol.

Jordan, Joseph- Metter – Burglary (Residential); Obstructing/Hindering A Law Enforcement Officer.

Berry, Ashley Troy – Metter – Probation Violation (Felony)

Estrada, Arnulfo Tomas – Metter – Simple Battery.

Scott, Michael Alfred – Lyons - Hijacking A Motor Vehicle; Possession of Firearm/Knife During Commission of or Attempt to Commit Crime; Possession of Firearms by Convicted Felon.

Bautista-Hernandez, Enrique – Metter – DUI/Less Safe; No Passing Zones; Possession of a Controlled Substance.

Deloach, Jerrial Jermaine – Twin City – Probation Violation (Felony).

Aldrich, Jeffery Wade – Twin City – Child Molestation.

Presley, Zachary Kane – Twin City – Hold for Other Agency (Felony).

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