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Bernie Nelson and Vidalia Chief of Police James Jermon

During the November meeting of the Vidalia City Council, resident Bernie Nelson was back to address the members of the city government about the Vidalia Police Department and although he verbally applauded the efforts of Police Chief James Jermon, he told the Council members there was still concerns that needed to be faced.

“Chief Jermon has had some new hires and has prospects he expects to join the department,” Nelson told Council. “He’s working hard to bring the department to acceptable standards. Also, when we had the dinner back on October 19 for the police officers, it was evident that he cares for his employees and that they care about him.”

But while he had positive things to say, there are other things that need to be addressed to make the department better, specifically, paying the employees a salary reflective on the dangers they face each day in the profession.

“When you look at what some in this city is making, it is top heavy compared to what we are paying our men and women who put their lives on the line each day,” he said. “I talked to one Councilmember who said that if the city goes up on paying our officers, the Lyons and the Sheriff’s Office will have to go up, too. We’re not trying to attract officers from those departments; we’re trying to attract officers from outside the area to come and work in Vidalia. I realize that the police were given a raise a while back, but it’s still not enough.”

Nelson said another Councilmember had encouraged Chief Jermon to compile a report on what is needed to enhance the department and the Chief informed Nelson at the meeting that he was working on that proposal.

Nelson vowed that he would continue to work with the Police Chief as a private citizen to ensure the department and its employees are provided with what is needed to protect themselves and the citizens of Vidalia.

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